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Welcome to the QuestFRP Introduction Page

This is a descriptive page to let you know what QuestFRP is all about. To actually see the complete system you will go to QuestFRP Grand Central.

What is QuestFRP?

QuestFRP is a face-to-face fantasy role-playing game designed and play-tested in Madison, WI over the last 25 years or so. It is not a computer game, though all of the materials necessary for playing the game are available online free of charge. The current system is at version 4.0. This system has been called Quest since it began, but we are changing its name to QuestFRP (Quest Fantasy Role Playing) primarily to make it more findable on the web (ever try a search for "Quest"?).

A Description of the System

QuestFRP is a skill-based system based on eight different Statistics (Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Constitution, Intellect, Magic Talent, Faith, and Will), and a number of derived Statistics. How well you learn the various skills in QuestFRP is based on your Statistics. In QuestFRP skills represent all of those things that a great fantasy hero should be able to do - cast spells, do acrobatic tricks while fighting, or slice an enemy in two. Not to mention any number of more mundane skills (called Mundane Skills ) that might be useful to a wayward adventurer. Any character may take any skill, the only obstacle being how quickly they may learn the skill. How quickly you learn a skill is based upon your Statistics, which in turn determine your Learning Rate . You can have a fighter who can use a broadsword in each hand, heal him- or herself, and cast stonebolts at his/her opponents, or a sneak thief who can use magic to cloak him-or herself in illusions and disarm magical and mundane traps.

For example, if you wish to design a ranger, you would acquire skill in longsword, longbow, woodscraft, and possibly some clerical skills, especially spells related to nature or defense. Characters can pick and choose skills and spells freely, the only hindrance being how well they learn each skill, and the requirements of those skills (which is based on the players statistics).

There are eighteen religious disciplines in QuestFRP, which can be combined to simulate many religions, either similar to "real-world" or entirely fanciful. A gamemaster may choose any combination of these 18 to match the religions in the fantasy world, and a cleric may choose any of the disciplines available to his/her religion. A sample of some the available lists include: Balance, Change, Creation,and Darkness. For example, the Clerics of the War God might have the lists of War, Healing, Communications, and Travel available to them. And, of course, clerics may take skills from any of the other major skill classes in the system. Central to any cleric is Prayer , which established the basic connection between the cleric and their god. There are no limits about using bludgeoning or slashing weapons for clerics (or mages) except for those the GM decides upon for play in their world.

Fighters may choose from handheld, bow, thrown, and mechanical weapons. Special skills such as initiative and blind fighting can be found under General Fighter. By using these special skills one could make a martial artist, a light weapons specialist, or any number of other types of fighters.

Characters who choose to use magic have a number of different Spell Trees to choose from, including a working system for creating enchanted items, potions and scrolls. Individual spells can be learned in different casting styles, which allows the creation of such items. Magic tends to be much more general purpose and individualistic than in other systems. A single spell may allow you to do a number of different things, though area of effect spells are almost nonexistent until mages are very skilled. Spells are grouped into "Trees". All of the spells in a tree are related, and to get more powerful spells you must first get the prerequisite spells. Mystic Theory provide the basic theory of magic and is required to cast spells. QuestFRP uses a spell point system with each spell costing one point per level to cast.

Tradesman, thief, technical, and other skills useful to adventurers, are included in the Mundane Skills category. Skills useful to a thief would include Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, and other such skills.

A tech might become skilled in Chemistry, Craftsman, Ordnance Engineering and Life Sciences. Of course all of these skills cover the general areas, leaving in-situation interpretations flexible for the Game Master and Player alike. The Gamemasters Guide contains a Technical Appendices which details the expenditure of time and money to create many technical items.

The synergistic effects of the various Spells and abilities are, for the most part, left up to the discretion of the Game Master. This philosophy will allow the Game Master to control the game more easily, and will allow the Game Master to tailor the rules to his or her campaign. Some of the synergistic effects are discussed, because of their importance to game balance. The Game Master may use these as a guide for making decisions concerning other synergistic effects, but he or she should not feel constrained by these discussions.

QuestFRP was designed from the beginning to run a medieval level campaign, though the flexibility of the system allows it to be adapted to almost any setting. It is also possible to eliminate whole sections of skills without too severely damaging the rules system. An example of deleting bodies of skills would be to eliminate the fantasy elements and play in some historical time period (for the purposes of technological development) of the real world. A realistic representation of the European Middle Ages would require the Game Masterto limit the Technical Disciplines to certain levels and delete Fencing, the Oriental Disciplines, and all Spell Lists from the game. Be prepared for a bloody game! There will be no magical healing and the medical services will be poor. There are good possibilities for tailoring the game to a specific campaign.

Thank you for your interest, and enjoy playing QuestFRP!

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